EPC Metrics offers seismograph sales and hire in addition to a comprehensive remote monitoring service for blast vibration and air over-pressure.

EPC Metrics services include:

  • Sale of seismographs;
  • Short and long-term hire of seismographs;
  • Calibration of seismographs;
  • Remote vibration monitoring.

On-line blast monitoring service

EPC Metrics offers a comprehensive service for the remote assessment of vibration and air over-pressure.

This innovative new service, developed in partnership with Datum Monitoring Services, aims to facilitate the immediate access of event data, via state-of-the-art fixed monitoring stations, removing the need to travel to and from a monitoring location and the time consuming manual process of downloading results in the field.

The service utilises units from our fleet of seismographs, mounted in a weather-proof enclosure with GPRS modem and battery backup. The station can either be pole mounted with a solar panel in remote locations or wall mounted for mains power use.

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Seismograph sales and hire and remote monitoring service for blast vibration and air over-pressure.

The remote monitoring stations can be installed at both internal and external locations around a site, each with its own customisable and remotely settable trigger level. Once triggered, these stations automatically transmit data to a cloud-based server where results can be published immediately to a web portal, providing users with instantaneous access to event information.
The web portal provides a map overview of the site showing the location of each station with access to the PDF report and raw seismograph data for each captured event. Once the data has been received, the platform is also capable of sending alerts, via text and email, to specified recipients.

Key Features

  • Monitors vibration and air-overpressure
  • Instant transmission of results after a blast
  • Remote communication by mobile network
  • Set-up of custom alerts, including email & text message notification
  • Option for solar power
  • Can be pole or wall mounted

Key Benefits

  • Permanent setup – no need to put instruments out each time
  • Fixed reference points for blast comparison
  • Consistent coupling
  • Automated data capture
  • Remotely configurable
  • Instant availability of results

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